Friday, 6 January 2012


Just an introductory post to the 3DS max workshop! I'd suggest having a quick look at the videos below before we dive in on the 16th, especially if you've never ever done any work in a 3D program before as it can be a bit confusing initially.

Actually opening up the program beforehand and having a play around will always be helpful but isn't essential, I'll be going over everything from the very basics anyway.

1. POLYGONS - basic building block of pretty much everything.

2. MORE POLYGONS - weird stuff you can do with polygons!

3. OBJECTS - groups of polygons that form 3d shapes.

This stuff might seem confusing at first but watching through it will probably help later on. all these videos are from a now-defunct site called guerillaCG. There are others in this series of tutorials, just have a look on youtube if you're interested!

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